None of these are mine, there all from Xstrology’s twitter.

  1. Capricorns don’t play games
  2. Capricorns aren’t ones to have affairs
  3. Capricorns have an instinct for being careful.
  4. Of all 12 Zodiacs, a Capricorn get’s the most satisfaction from possession of beautiful thing.
  5. A Capricorn female wants to know she will be taken care of, respected and that shelter will be provided from the cold, cruel world.
  6. Before a Capricorn will act, all sides will be examined and conclusions determined until the best course of action is formed.
  7. Capricorn needs a caring, sensitive partner to bring forth their inner sex beast
  8. Capricorn fantasy - to make love on a bed of $100 dollar bills
  9. Capricorn enjoys hitting and biting during sex so expect rough sexual play
  10. Capricorns are full of ambition and dedication.
  11. Capricorns don’t lose face. They are the most solid people you’ll ever meet.
  12. Capricorn is a strict, hard person. Please know their intentions are good.
  13. Capricorns have a dry wit that most will not understand.
  14. A Capricorn is serious. They don’t fuck around!
  15. The Capricorn believes in “less talk, more action”
  16. Never question a Capricorn commitment. Once you do, you may not like the end result.
  17. Capricorn believes in their own abilities to get things done rather than “luck.”
  18. Capricorns will not give up until they are completely satisfied.
  19. Capricorns aren’t really concerned with status so much as they want recognition for their hard work.
  20. If a Capricorn loves you, they will do anything possible to help you. That is how they show their love.
  21. Capricorn is a sleeping beauty who needs the right person to wake their sex drive
  22. Capricorns have an internal wall that’s as high as its thick. Accept it & move on. If they want it known they will tell.
  23. Capricorn can really push the envelope in sex. You think you’ve done it all? You haven’t tried a Capricorn freak.